Paper Submission

Paper Submission is now Closed

Oral Presentations
Each contributed talk will last 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for discussion. Invited talks will be 25 minutes in length with another 5 minutes for discussion.  Only electronic presentations will be allowed. Computers and a LCD projector will be available for electronic presentations.

Poster Sessions
The poster sessions, organized along the same topics as the oral sessions, will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings (see schedule below).
Recommended Poster Size: 36 in (91 cm) Wide X 42 in (107 cm) Tall

Decisions  on Oral and Poster Presentations have been made and communicated to authors.

While we had many high quality submissions, and many of you has requested Oral Presentations, due to the unique single session format of ILRC Conferences, we could only accommodate about 90 Oral presentations.  However, there will be three poster sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the poster presentations, where we expect that through one-on-one or small group discussions, poster presenters will have ample opportunity to showcase their work.

To find the result of your reviews, please log into the ExOrdo paper submission system (, and then click on the “View My Reviews” tab on the upper left side of the screen.  A list of accepted papers that have you either as author or co-author appears in the main window.  If you select any individual paper, a new window will open with the paper information (Title, Authors, etc.).  Towards the bottom of the page, the field “Presentation Format” indicates the authors’ requested choice, while below it, in the “Acceptance” field, the accepted format for your paper is displayed as follows:

Accepted as Oral:   This paper has been selected for an Oral Presentation

Accepted as Poster: This paper has been selected for a Poster Presentatio

Accepted as Poster, Standby for Oral: This paper is selected for a Poster Presentation and is on a waiting list for an Oral Presentation should space open up in the coming weeks

Please note that Deadline for Early Registration has been extended to May 25th, 2015.  We ask that ALL PRESENTING AUTHORS register as soon as possible to facilitate completion of the ILRC 27 Program.

All authors should also revise their 2-4 page papers in the format specified, taking into consideration the reviewer comments.  You will be getting further instruction on uploading the final version of your papers for publication in the Proceedings of ILRC 27.

Online and Post-Deadline Paper Submissions are now closed.

Paper Submission

Papers are to be submitted on line through the link In order to complete the paper submission at this site, you need to register for a users account (free and easy).   Papers are limited to 2-4 pages (including references) and should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc) document, but may also be submitted as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document if MSWord submission is not possible. For uniformity, all papers need to be submitted in Times New Roman font.  A sample template is provided here.  The paper size should be formatted on US Letter Size (8.5 inch x 11 inch), with 1 inch (25 mm) margins all around, and in two column justified format with 0.3 inch (8 mm) column spacing.  The title font size should be 14, and the font size of the body of the manuscript should be 11, single spaced.  References should appear in the bottom of the manuscript.
*** Please note that since all oral presentations are given serially so that all presentations are heard by all participants, we must enforce a limit of 1 oral presentation per presenter adhered to at all ILRC conferences. While there is no rigid limit on poster presentations, we will make an effort to distribute the poster presentations among as many participants as possible (without reducing overall quality) so logistic limits on the number of posters may limit the number of posters given by an individual/group.

(Papers will be peer reviewed).

Important Dates:

  •  Paper submission deadline: March 30th, 2015–(Closed)
  • Final acceptance of the papers will be communicated on or before May 1st.
  • All presenters must register by May 8th (Early Registration Deadline).

ILRC 27 will cover a host of lidar related topics including

  1. Advances in lidar techniques and new methodologies
  2. Atmospheric winds and turbulence, and applications in wind energy
  3. Atmospheric boundary layer dynamics
  4. Advances in aerosol monitoring and retrievals
  5. Cloud detection, characterization and classification
  6. Aerosol direct and indirect effects and radiation budget
  7. Lidar for atmospheric trace gas monitoring (water vapor, ozone, CO2 , CH4 , and other GHGs)
  8. Tropospheric and lower stratospheric dynamics and transport
  9. Middle and upper atmosphere physics and chemistry
  10. Hazard monitoring (civilian and defense applications)
  11. Space-based missions and validation
  12. Coordinated lidar networks and applications
  13. Combining lidar measurements and analysis with other active and passive techniques
  14. Assimilation of observations into forecast models
  15. Lidar application to marine and ecosystem monitoring/classification
  16. Advances in ranging and applications
  17. Lidar applications to land surface monitoring (elevations and terrain maps, vegetation canopy, etc.)