Local Transportation

Local Transportation in the New York Metro Area

In addition, the City has an extensive public transport system that operates 24/7 making local travel throughout the metropolitan easy for all.  The metropolitan New York includes the five boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island; as well as adjacent communities in New Jersey (Jersey City, Hoboken, etc.), Long Island and Connecticut.  This area is served by a network of subways, buses, and commuter rail.

There are many transportation options in New York; but due to traffic, often subway train travel is not just the most economic, but the fastest and most convenient way of getting around the City.


New York City Transit System

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates New York City’s extensive network of Buses as well as the Subway system, much of which operates 24/7.


Fare information is available at


If you plan to take public transportation in NYC (highly recommended), we advise that you purchase a Metrocard and put an adequate sum of money on it.  Any ride throughout the system is at the flat rate of $2.75 (except for certain inter-borough express buses).  There is a $1 charge for a Metrocard, and a 5% discount when you put more than $5 on the card.  Metrocard are sold at all train stations and a few bus stations. You can use one card individually or for more than one person (just swipe the card two or more times).  Transfer between connecting subways trains at various stations is free, and you also get one free transfer from bus to bus/subway or subway to Bus.  For the subway map, refer to the following link


Travelling on subways requires a Metrocard, but Buses also accept exact change (no bills).

There are also options for an unlimited 7 day pass Metrocard (that can be used by one individual only), that may make sense depending on how long is your stay in New York.

Path train transit to adjacent cities in New Jersey (Jersey City and Hoboken) is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and provides fast and convenient connectivity to the MTA transit system.  Path trains also accept the pay as you go Metrocard (not the 7 day pass Metrocard)


MTA also operates commuter rail trains to Connecticut and communities in New York State north of New York City (Metro North Rail), as well as Long Island NY (LIRR)

Commuter rail and buses to New Jersey are operated by the NJTransit.


Taxis and Car Services

Taxicabs in New York City can be hailed on the street on a nearly 24/7 basis.  The taxi fare is metered (except for travel to JFK airport at flat rate), and relatively modest:


In Manhattan below 96 street, and at airports, the taxi service is via Yellow Cabs.  Above 96 street the service is via both Yellow Cabs and Borough Cabs (lime green colored).

Uber is also available in New York City, as well as other car services, please see:



Please keep in mind that mid-town traffic is rather heavy during rush hours and business hours.